sábado, 4 de maio de 2013

Lights will guide you home

It was the last week before we had to move from Brunel's accommodation buildings. Maybe the night before. That meant it was almost time to go on and live it all behind and how hard that would be.

Place chosen was the grass outside "The House" and around the fire all of us sat. I can't speak for everybody but for me there was a mix of feelings. At one hand I had the joy of coming back home after seven long years, but the taste was bittersweet, cause I was sure that those were people who, lets face the odds, I hardly would see again. So, for me the occasion was dense and very emotional. Maybe that's the reason why that episode and song is so special.

Jorge and Lisette brought their acoustic guitars and I helped them singing one song or another. Everyone who matters the most were there. She came and sat right between me and my Turkish brother Arda and asked for a song: Fix You. And so Jorge made it.

She is just like that: an amazing mind, great intelligence, a woman with the power to make her ideas come true. The bottom of a pyramid where everyone climbs to reach the top she already reached, because she's the pyramid herself. A reasonable, smart, brilliant woman, who holds inside a child with a great urge to discover the world around and get rid of the chains she herself created to feel safe. The coexistence of call of freedom and the desperate need of protection, caring and to feel loved (and she is).

To be there and hold our hands was all she needed, to feel that that specific moment, that those 3 or 4 minutes could last forever, in a place no one could enter but the 3 of us.

Despite all of the great moments we had together, despite of all of the good memories I have with her, despite of the fact she's a friend that I'll have in my heart for life, this single moment framed her in this strong portrait and gave her a gift she doesn't need she has (at least until now). A present that for some people, maybe even for her, might be trivial, casual or just silly, but for me it represents a lot (and, since she knows me very well, she knows it).

Shikha, you made it. Your moment will last forever, at least here inside. And you got yourself a song: Fix You is all yours and you can be sure that every single time I listen to it, my thoughts belongs to you, my great friend.

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